Esperanza Kennels - Golden Retrievers

Halo - Golden Retriever Maremma Cross

Hi, Moni

Thought we'd send you a few pictures of  Halo  [aka Macha] to let you know that she is doing great. She sure is a wonderful addition to our family. We have to tell you that she has to be the best dog that we have ever had. She loves to play and going for long walks with us, and even when we go out in the forest to get wood she stays close by. She is calm and has a great disposition and very quick to learn.   
                                                                      Happy New Year     Doug ,Diane & Tyler 

Huxley - 3/4 Poodle, 1/4 Cocker Spaniel

Hello Moni,
    Sorry it took me so long to e-mail you some pictures of Huxley (Bailey's puppy Guapo). He is growing up so fast! He just gets cuter and cuter every day. Thank you so much for letting him join our family. He really has been a bundle of joy! Without further ado here are the pictures.
Stephanie and Stuart Robertson

Dawson - Golden Retriever Puppy

OMG thank you soo much! Dawson aka Trooper is doing so well!! He fits right in with our family. Right now he is cuddling with dad on the couch...sooo cute! He only had one accident in the middle of the night but is doing so well with his paper training. Such a smartie! He is gorgeous. He also had a bath this morning and loved it ;) Thank you Blanchard family.
Michelle, Corey, Cam, Curtis, Cody and Connor! And Dawson

Kia - Golden Retriever


we have arrived home here safe and sound, kia was good with us,not a problem at all. she is wonderful and so good, you have done great job with her. we will promise to stay in touch with you and send photos as we get them.

thanks again. take care and dont worry.


Zoe - F1B Miniature Goldendoodle


Just a quick email to let you know “Zoe” is still doing great.  She’s feeling much more comfortable in her environment and getting into typical puppy trouble.  She loves being outside and chasing leaves…she’s always trying to sneak them in the house when I’m not looking!  I started training her and she is one smart little puppy!  She already knows not to go into the flower beds and it only took two sessions to understand what “sit” means.  Thanks again for all you did.

Monica & Dave


Tasha - Miniature Schnauzer

Hi Moni, everything is great! She tolerated the ride home with no problems what so ever, not even phased! She slept, played, slept, and played on the way home. At home she played alittle then she slept on us while we watched TV. She slept in her crate all night, used the paper with no problems. She is not having any problems adjusting at all. Her little baby teeth are sure sharp! Any tips on training her not to nip? She's been attacking leaves left and right while outside, and is slowly getting use to going pee and poop outside. She's eating and drinking well, no problems. She's figured out how to jump the little lip on the dog pen, and she runs like crazy! She is definately a special little darling.
Our little Tasha is great, and here are some photo's for you
Take care and talk to you soon

Gizelle - Pug / Chihuahua

Good morning,

Here are a few pics of Gizelle. She is having a lot of fun with Brady,
if they aren't sleeping they are wrestling. It is pretty funny. She is
doing great, we didn't even have the "stress poop" problem... she has
fit in great. She is hit and miss with the wee-wee pad, but were working
on it, she likes to tear them apart. She isn't big enough yet to go
outside on the balcony with Brady. Loves to have her belly rubbed and to
cuddle too. She will go after your ears if you let her near your face...
and she loves to give kisses. She is also a jumper, and likes to talk a
lot. She is so cute. We love her so much. J

Thanks again.


Salem - Bichon / Papillon

Hi Moni,
              Salem is a very happy girl,  she was perfectly calm on the drive to Calgary, slept mostly on her blanky, and has settled in with no fuss at all.  She has no stomache troubles and seems very happy, she just came back from the vet with a perfect exam and was not stressed or nervous.   We are going to be taking her in the car alot and out visiting so that she will not have any undue stresses and she hasn't paid the slightest attention to her horse but is demonizing all her new toys.  Typical girl, only new will do it seems.  I will email some pics when I have a bit more time to load them, I just wanted to let you and your family know she is happy and already well loved.
Hi Moni,
                    I wanted to send you an update on Salem, (formerly Shadow)  she has been spayed and is a very happy, healthy dog whom we love very much.  She is very clever and learns very quickly, absolutely refuses to eat kibble, we have tried everything, all the best organic brands and she simply will not eat it.  I even ground it into flour and cooked it with hamburger which she did eat but gave her quite an upset stomach.  As it does not agree with her and on some level she knows this, hence her refusal to eat it, I rather think this makes her smarter than me.  She eats what we do, lots of organic meat, veggies and fruit. 
She is still desperately trying to make friends with my cat, but progress is slow, her tenacity is to be admired though. 
She has all her shots and those at the vet's office quite enjoy her visits.  I will send along some pics soon but please know that we are delighted with her and she with us, if you and the kids are ever this way you would be most welcome to visit her.
Thanks again, Moni, for our little treasure.
Best Regards,

Harlem - Pug / Chihuahua

Hi Moni!
We just wanted to give you a quick update about the puppy.  He has been amazing.  The night we brought him home he never cried or whined...just played alot and gave us lots of snuggles!  He is very good at letting us know when he needs to go out, so we've had very few accidents.  He has been to see the vet and everything is fine.  He also started puppy class...and is already mastering 'sit' and coming to his name..which is Harlem.  We just got back from spending the weekend in Red Deer, where Harlem met and played (24/7) with his new 'big brother', our family's Boston Terrier. 
We are so happy with Harlem, we just wanted to say thank you!
Ashley & Carson

Summer & Lil'Bit - F1B Miniature Goldendoodles

Hi Moni,
The puppies are great!  L'il Bit is still much smaller than Summer but they are great playmates.  Right now we are having trouble keeping Summer in the yard and we have spent many hours chasing her around the school yard (across the street)!  L'il Bit doesn't generally follow and is much more likely to come back when called.  Summer is very stubborn in that regard.
We  have had two incidents of the puppies literally eating the kids homework because the backpack was left on the floor.  We took photographic evidence to the teachers in case they didn't believe it!
The photo is a little dark but Summer is a very light golden colour and L'il Bit has a darker red tinge to her coat.  They both came through their "surgery (spaying)" with no major issues except hating the "cone" and both a very healthy and active pups.
Good Luck with the new litter!

Skoka - F1B Miniature Goldendoodle

We made it home with no problems. She "cried" for as long as the gravel road
then snuggled into my neck for most of the drive back. We stopped at our
son's Steven so he could come down to the car to meet Skoka. He approved
heartily. Skoka is now sleeping in Peter's arms in his comfy chair.
Take care! Keep us posted on the babies.
We are very glad to have met each of you.
Come by if this way.

Best to all, Gail & Peter

Harold Clyde - F1B Mini Goldendoodle

Harold has a wonderful disposition he was very easy to basic train.  He was housed trained very quickly and learned to roll over, shake a paw, sit, lie down and fetch all by the time he was 6 months.  He rarely barks and only crys when we near the off leash park as he is so excited to get out and play with his pals.  
I have attached some pictures of my little one.  At 7mths he is 14.7 pounds. Thank you so much for my wonderful little boy

Naula - Yorkie / Pom

Hi Moni and Shae,
Just wanted to quickly let you know how well Naula was doing. She's a whopping 3.7lbs and her both ears are sticking straight up (she looks like a little bat-HA). She already knows how to sit, laydown, and roll over. She was pretty  shy and scared at first, but came around very quickly. She met both our families and everyone fell in love with her immediately, as did we. She slept through the whole night without a peep and woke up eager and ready to play. She is doing sooooo good at learning her wee wee pads already. She only had one accident at first, but has managed to make it to the wee wee pad every time since (getting huge praise from both of us afterwards). We've already been out today for a little walk at the park, which she loved, staying right by our sides so she didn't lose us.
Thank you so much for her. She is an excitement of joy and love to us. We will be sure to give her all the love and care that she deserves.
Thanks again for letting us adopt her. We couldn't imagine our lives without her.
Stacy and Garritt

Raya - Chihuahua

Hi Moni,

A quick update on our weekend. "Raya" (Malibu) is wonderful! She is so smart and is learning her pee pad training quite quickly, actually. She loves her 3 sisters and follows them everywhere. As I suspected, Jade (the white one), is definitely taking on the maternal role. If Raya squeaks, Jade runs over to her to find out what is wrong. Chili, our oldest, isn't too interested in her yet. Tika, the smallest (well, until now) has her nose out of joint a bit, but I know she will learn to love her new little sister.

I hope all is well, and those "boys" don't keep you too busy.

Good luck with the new twin girls as well!

Bye for now,


Hi Moni,

I just thought I would send you some pictures of "Raya" (aka Malibu). The one picture is of her snuggling with her big sister Jade, they have really taken to one another, and are now inseparable. As you can see she has lost her "streak" on the top of her head, which is what she was named for :). Still, we love her to death!  I will try to send some more recent pics as she has really fluffed up and is a BEAUTIFUL little girl. She is very smart and has been a great addition to our family.

Thanks again!


Sage - Cockapoo

Hi Moni, we are home safe and sound. The baby girl travelled incredibly well. She slept off and on between the back seat and the kennel. We as well as our friends can't believe how sweet she is. Thank you. How much puppy chow should I be feeding her daily? By the way, your daughter did an incredible presentation to us on the pup.
Hi Moni,
We are sorry we missed you as well. Her name is Sage and she is fitting in very well. She follows me everywhere and comes when we call her name. She is very playful and we are enjoying her very much so. Thanks for the note about the food and the advice. We will follow through on that. She is going to the Vet tomorrow. I'll send you some pics of her from time to time. Thanks again
Hi Moni, Sage went to the Vet today and all is well as expected. Just wanted to let you know.


Molly - Yorkie

Short line to tell you how Molly is doing. Spoilt rotten here and growing a few more tuffs. Great vet check and driving joey crazy. I will send some pics next week

Ryder - Cocker / Cavalier

Hi, We just got a puppy from you almost 3 weeks ago and I just wanted to let you know that he is doing wonderful. He is such a good boy. He sleeps all night and is very playful. Getting really big and is very smart. Thank you so much for him, We love him so much.

Just incase you cant remember which one we got its Nickel the Cocker/Cavalier. We named him Ryder. I attached a pic that was taken a week or so ago.



Holly - Yorkiepoo / Schnauzer

Lil Bear (Holly) is doing really well. She is eating and so far the last two days she has been doing her toilet on the pads, I hope this keeps up. Everyone I show her to just loves her. I took her to the Vet on Tuesday and the Vet said "this pup has been really well cared for. When she gave her her exam and her shots she didn't fuss at all and the Vet said boy! usually they wiggle and try to get away. She was impressed. Also her assistant said what a great package we were given. She has been really good and I love her dearly. We sit together and watch soap operas in the afternoon and TV also at night before she goes to bed. She doesnt make any fuss at night. Of course I have her in the bedroom but fenced in with her carry on.
I have sent her pictures of course to all my family. Has Alaska gone yet? I guess getting them at 12 weeks is a lot better than 6 weeks.
So good for you guys.
Have the babies come home yet?
Thanks again

Max - Bichon / Poodle

Hi Moni,
I am attaching you a little movie with Max(Jix) the second day with his new family. I could say that he is the smartest and the cutest puppy in the world, we love him so much, he has his own little bed, and toys, and he loves my hair :)). everybody loves him and he is the spoiled little baby of our family.
Have a great weekend and Thank you!

Cricket - Cockapoo

Hello Moni and family, 

I just wanted to give you a little update on Cricket.. formally known as “Star”…

She is doing really well, and growing really fast.. she is a really great dog, and she is the star pupil in her puppy class.

She now knows how to Roll over, sit, stay, and most important she is very well house trained.. and we have had any accidents in over a week now..

She has had all her shots, and we have been taking her on lots of walks now that she can go outside.. she loves the mountains.. or at least we think she does…

 Here is a picture or two…



Andy - Cavapoo

Hi!!! Just a a quick update on our little one. Andy is adapting to his new home, he's become a member with out missing a beat. We have continued Andy with Hills puppy food
and plan to keep him on this diet until 7 months and than move to adult formula...he's doing well with this. Andy is still using the pee pads and we are a hit and miss with this He was at the vets on Tuesday and was in excellent health!!!! He has received his second vaccination and de worming.  I'm sure this new puppy has everything a  puppy can buy...SPOILED!!!!
(daddy katie).Kennelling at night does not seem to work for us he just cry's.....sooooooooooooo, he now is adjusting to sleeping with Katie. It's all a learning process ,one we are happy to be a part of.
Thank you
The T******

Diamond - Pom / Poodle

Hello Moni
I am sharon LeGear and i bought a puppy off of you in september.  I just wanted to write you a little note we named her Diamond and she has brought so much joy to me and my family we love her so much she is so cute and has such a nice personality i have been haveing some trouble potty training her but in I wouldnt want to go outside in this cold weather either lol.  Just want to thank you she truely has made me so happy she is so cuddlely and is doing well.  My sister in law lives in bowden and would like to come and see your puppies when you have another batch could you tell me when that might be i would love to see one of diamonds ancestors in our family.  Thanks for raising such nice puppies everyone just loves her to death.
Yours truley
Sharon from red deer

Alex - Cavapoo

Good morning.......we had a pretty good night. He was missing mom and brother. Doing great today already went on the pee pad twice!! We are already loving our new baby. We are going to get some more toys today, so that will be fun. Great to meet your wonderful family. You can be assured he will get lots of love!! Have'nt picked a  name quite yet. I'll keep in touch. Lynn

Cosmo - F1 Miniature Goldendoodle

Hi Moni!
Thought you  might like a Cosmo update! He is doing well and is really part of the family now! He sleeps right through the night and has adjusted to spending some time alone at home during the day. His new favourite thing is to play fetch and go for walks. He lost some of his potty training in the first couple of days but seems to be going on the mat now almost everytime which is great! We take him everywhere with us and he's a great traveller which is fun. The one thing we are working on is trying to teach him not to bite so if you have any suggestions, we are all ears! Hope all is well on your end and everyone if feeling better. Talk to you soon,
Amy & Shane


Dexter - Chihuahua

Hi Moni,
  It Kristen; I had bought a puppy from you in June and couldnt be any happier with him.  Dexter (aka. Pepsi) has joined my family just great, he is a very well behaved and cuddley puppy.  The reason why I am e-mailing you is to see if you had any new chihuahua's  for sale?  My parents were taking care of Dexter for a month while I was away in Rimby with school.  I almost didnt get him back after that they fell in love with him so much.  Know my mom was wanting one of her own so her and my dad wont be so lonley now that all of their kids are gone.  So I thought of you first of course because I loved everything about the experience I had with you and your family.  So if you wouldnt mind giving me a shout when you are expecting a new litter that would be great.  The only thing that my mom has requested is that it be a short haired chihuahua.
Thanks so much again for everything and the wonderful dog

Lola - Chihuahua

Hi Moni,
I just wanted to give you an update on Lola's (her new name) first couple of days with us.  She is doing very good and adjusting with no problems.  She has had many visitors who immediately fell in love with her and she responded very well to them.  She is still very energetic, happy and playful and gets along great with Dexter and Archie.  She is eating constantly all throughout the day and is doing very well with paper training, I'm so proud of her.  I got her a play pen that has her bed, food and potty area, where she sleeps and has her down time.  She's adjusting well to it, the first night she was a little scared/lonely and cried a little bit, but quickly got used to it and slept all night.  She has been such a joy and I love her to bits.  Please tell Ty that she is doing great in her new home and I really do appreciate him and your whole family for taking such good care of her.  Thank you for all the great information you have given me, it has been so helpful! I have attached a picture of Lola in her new bed, with of course her monkey, she absolutely loves it. Take care!


Jack - Standard Goldendoodle

Hello Moni,
Just a quick note to let you know how Jack-o is doing.
He has been with us for a week now and he has become very good friends with our golden retriever.  He has settled in exceptionally well with our family and we love him.
We decided to name him Jack.
We took Jack to the vet last week and he is a healthy puppy - we look forward to many happy years with him.  Thanks for giving us such a great addition to our family.
I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas.
When you have a minute we would certainly appreciate any pictures you have of Jack when he was younger.
Thanks again, take care


Chihuahua - Miracle

Hi Moni!
Hope things are going well! I just wanted to send you guys some pictures of Miracle and update you on how she is doing. First off, she is the cutie of the universe! So well behaved. She has adapted well  and i must say loves stuffies! She definitely keeps me and dave running! She also loves the park. You guys do a great job, she is also sooo excited to see people and other dogs, so cute. we absolutely love this little love bug. I will keep ya posted on how she's doing.
Have a good night!

Maggie - F1 Miniature Goldendoodle