Esperanza Kennels - Golden Retrievers

The First 8 Weeks

The Breeders – We have 14 years experience and all our dogs and puppies receive the utmost care and love.  We have a great reputation for providing information to new puppy owners and care and support during the life of the puppy.

What we Provide – We provide the first shots, deworming and a health vet check before the puppy leaves.  You will receive a written receipt, personalized health record, written health guarantee and all pertinent information regarding shots, food, parents is on the receipt or health record.  We provide a sample of food they are on for transitional purposes and blanket, teddy and chew sticks that have smells of home to help with the stress of going to a new home.  We also give you a booklet with helpful tips, hints and advice on bringing a new puppy home.


With Us.....

       While the puppies are with us, we give them names that can be changed by  you, their new owner. 

       We start handling them from birth and when they reach the age when they start exploring their surroundings, we begin their formal socialization. 

       Puppies instinctively do not like their ears, heads and paws handled and so we gently massage them and accustom them to the feel so that nail clipping and ear cleaning is not scary. 

       Grooming can also be a scary experience if not familiarized to it and so we start bathing, brushing, and blow drying at an early age with the people they trust (us) and they quickly learn to enjoy the attention. 

       We start them on the pee pads and by locating the pad where they prefer to go as well as scenting the pad with one of their accidents, they are well on their way to complete housetraining when they leave us.  At the same time, everyone must realize that puppies are babies and it takes some maturity to fully develop the brain-bladder connection.  From the pee pad, it is a small step to train them to go outside if that is preferred. 

       At our house, we also make a point of crate training them at night.  It is easier to go from crate training to sleeping with their owner than vice versa and so we are careful not to start any behaviours that may not be welcome by you.  Even while crate training, the puppy must have access to food and water at all times, even in the crate at night.

       We keep the puppies in a small area, either living room or kitchen which helps with housetraining – they can always find the pee pad quickly – and also ensures that the puppy can easily access their food and water at all times. 

       We make sure that the puppy has chew toys, teddies and blankets which means that they always have approved items for chewing.  This keeps them focused and chewing on furniture and household items is not a problem.  You must remember though that if something is left lying in puppy’s reach, it may get chewed!!