Esperanza Kennels - Golden Retrievers

                                   Our Puppies

All our puppies have been raised with our kids and so are very social, love cuddling on the couch, giving kisses, or wrestling in the living room.  They are not shy or timid but are also not overly hyper.  We have found that socializing the puppies young, introducing them to other puppies, handling by kids and having the grooming basics done make them far more confidant dogs.  We introduce them to bathing, nail trimming and ear cleaning so that it isn’t a big deal later on.  Our 6 kids handle them from birth and so the puppies love children.  They have been shown a pee pad but they are still very young and true housebreaking requires more maturity.  However, owners of puppies from previous litters have told me that they train within days of coming to their new homes as they are highly intelligent puppies.

                            Puppies Ready To Go

These puppies have seen the vet, had their shots, and are ready to join their new families.  Individual Pictures as well as individual descriptions of personalities and coat types follow the description of the litter. 




                             Puppies For Deposit

These are puppies who are weaned but are not ready for their new families yet.  They need some socialization, learning and time before their vet check and ready to go.  However, you are welcome to meet the puppies and put a $100.00 deposit on them to reserve a particular puppy until the vet says they can go.