Esperanza Kennels - Golden Retrievers

About Us

To tell a little about ourselves, I am MOM to 6 two legged kids, 2 cats, 2 horses and our special family members of dogs and puppies.  All have names, are special and know how much they are loved.

My oldest daughter Shae moved out Oct 2012 after she graduated in the spring 2012.  She was very lucky in getting a job working and training with Cougar NDE, an airplane examination company at the Red Deer Airport.  Besides loving her job, the company and her co workers, it allows her to train while she works and fits in with her love of travel.  Shae also is very involved in photography, both taking and editing pictures.  

Ty and Cole, my first set of identical twin boys, are 16 now.  They have bought themselves dirtbikes which take up most of their time, energy and money during the summer.  They are busy helping around the acreage as well as their jobs.  They both recently got their driving licences and bought fixer upper trucks.  Ty is currently working for Boyd Autobody in Olds and Cole is working at Summit Tire in Olds.They also have dogs of their own that keep them busy.

Lexi is my 14 year old daughter.  Her life is the dogs.  She spends countless hours playing with them and socializing them.  She enjoys the initial time when they are only 3 weeks old and not sure about human contact, making sure they love being touched and cuddled.  She also loves teaching the older puppies tricks and making sure they have learned their manners.  She has two dogs, Diamond (Cavalier King Charles) and Beetle (Cavapoo). Lexi was chosen to participate in the Tim Horton's Leadership Program, a 5 year camp-based program to help ready kids for life.  This summer will be her second year.As part of the application process,Lexi volunteered at our vet's office and has decided that she would like to be a vet technician.

Rydyr and Kenzy are my second set of identical twins.  They are 5 years old and just started Kindergarten.  They too, love the dogs - they will abandon all toys to play with the puppies and will sit nicely on the floor and let them cuddle. We are teaching them how to be gentle with puppies and at the same time, the puppies learn how to be gentle with little ones. They make clubhouses and forts to play house with the puppies in and have recently discovered that most puppies will fit their doll clothes.  

The older four kids and I moved here from Sask. in 2005. I have been breeding dogs for 22 years, full time except for the first 3 years that we lived here in Alberta.  I am happy to be back full time at the kennels with my dogs again.  Growing up, all I wanted was to be a vet and have lots of dogs and horses.  As my sister and I were both allergic to animals, we were never allowed a pet but one of my earliest memories is my parents telling me that when I had my own home, I could have as many dogs as I wanted.  Because of not being able to have a dog due to allergies, I now tend to breed a lot of non shedding, non allergenic dogs so that even those people with allergies can have the joy of sharing a life with a dog.  I have found that my allergies are very mild now due to constant exposure and even the allergenic puppies in the house no longer bother me.